A series of dance classes and choreographic workshops for artists across a range of genres.

Sydney Choreographic Centre Dance Classes

A series of dance classes and choreographic workshops for artists across a range of genres.

Classes will be run by Artistic Director of Sydney Choreographic Centre, Francesco Ventriglia, dancers from Sydney Choreographic Ensemble and acclaimed Flamenco artist Marina Tamayo.

Ballet Professional
Ballet Professional is a class for those already working in a company or as a freelance artist. Advanced students are also welcome. It is taught by Sydney Choreographic Centre’s artistic director Francesco Ventriglia. Ventriglia’s early training was in the Vaganova method, delivered by teachers from the Bolshoi. After joining La Scala Ballet, he had the opportunity to expand his knowledge with exposure to the French, English and, of course, Italian schools of ballet. He also had the opportunity to learn Balanchine technique from specialist Balanchine teachers.
Ventriglia’s classes will draw on this wide-ranging background, helping dancers to become stronger, more versatile and more inquisitive. It is vitally important to Ventriglia that dancers develop into highly individual artists. To that end, he always tailors the class to the dancers he has in front of him.

Open Ballet
This is a class for those who have prior experience and are looking for a class that extends their experience, challenges them or is for dancers looking to return to form. 

Exercises will follow the typical ballet class format but are suitable for a range of abilities.

Ballet Beginners
This is a class for anyone of any age who wants to experience the joy of ballet. Those who have never danced and those who have some prior knowledge are equally welcome. Class will start at the barre with a series of exercises given by the teacher, accompanied by music. The exercises typically start slowly and progress in speed and difficulty with each exercise completed on both left and right sides. Once the barre section is complete, the teacher will call the participants into the centre and continue with exercises that involve more movement of the whole body, now not restricted by holding on to a stationary barre. Centre exercises eventually progress to jump combinations including small, medium and big jumps. 
Open Contemporary
This class is designed to improve skills in contemporary dance for those with some experience in contemporary dance. Our classes will enhance flexibility, improve musicality and enrich the quality of the dancer’s movement in space. Starting with floorwork, we will explore how to use the space with specific exercises and choreographic phrases. The class is designed to offer a complete experience of contemporary professional training and to encourage creative thinking.
Choreographic Workshop
Working with internationally admired choreographer Francesco Ventriglia, participants will be guided towards discovering and defining their own creative voices through movement. The process illustrates the evolution of choreographic ideas, including through the use of tools such as improvisation or given material. The class will also consider important elements such as style and musicality.  
Dancers are introduced to the four core principal techniques of Flamenco: marking (Marcaje), footwork, arms and body percussion. In each session, dancers study the movement of arms and wrists, body work and core position for Flamenco along with a range of specific feet techniques and drills covering various Flamenco time signatures. There are classes suited to the complete beginner and to those with some experience in this exciting dance form.

Monday 7 March

10am – 11.30am Ballet Professional

4pm – 5.30pm Open Contemporary 

Tuesday 8 March

10am – 11.30am Ballet Professional

4pm – 5.30pm Open Contemporary 

6pm – 7.30pm Choreographic Workshop

Wednesday 9 March

10am – 11.30am Ballet Professional

4pm – 5.30pm Open Contemporary 

7pm – 8.30pm Open Adult Ballet 

Thursday 10 March

10am – 11.30am Ballet Professional

4pm – 5.30pm Open Contemporary 

Friday 11 March

10am – 11.30am Ballet Professional

3.30pm – 5.00pm Choreographic Workshop

5.15pm – 6.15pm Open Flamenco Beginners

7pm – 8.30pm Flamenco Experienced

Festival Manager
Lauren Vassallo 

  1 March | 31 March 2022

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