25 and 26 March 2023  12.00-5.00pm




A creative practice workshop with Naarm (Melbourne) based choreographer Zoë Bastin to develop a new project Celestial.


A creative practice workshop with Naarm (Melbourne) based choreographer Zoë Bastin to develop a new project Celestial. Working over two days with scored improvisation, Creative Dance techniques and imagery from renaissance painting. There will be creation, observation, discussion and sharing.

Present in most spiritual cultures is a winged creature that serves as a messenger for the divine. In Bastin’s newest project dancers try and fail to become angels to explore the basic conditions of human existence; vulnerability, fallibility and the ultimate futility of life on earth.

Developed on residency in Tuscany, Bastin draws inspiration from depictions of angels in Renaissance Painting. As a symbol of the divine they live outside of time and beyond the material constraints of life here on earth. Often in illustrations they manifest beyond binary forms of gender as a symbol of light, this work positions angels as messengers of the queer extraordinary.

Choreographer/faciliator: Zoë Bastin

Image Credit:Zoë Bastin

Festival Manager
Matt Prest 

  1 March | 31 March 2023

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