28 March |  CRITICAL PATH  

Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler with collaborators Paul Osborne, Cassie To and Lux Eterna transform a site-specific solo dance into films and interactive exhibits. This work is based on Laura’s deepening relationships with health, dance and performance and experiences of shifting simultaneously and sequentially between images she sees and what she feels.

On Sunday 28 March come experience where dance, performance, film and wellbeing materialise by inhabiting the spaces of seeing/doing, static/shifting, fragment/whole, singular/multiple, solid/transparent as an audience/performer. You can watch live dance and films, embody the work’s images and content through interactive exhibits and become a performer by sharing experiences on social media.

  • Please wear active wear and bring your phone and earbuds as this is a silent performance with audio descriptions and guides. Link to audio platform will be provided.
  • Parts of the event will be streamed, videotaped and photographed and your image may be seen on social media.
  • There will be audio & written descriptions. Please note the space will be on the dark side with bright lights.

Artists: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler: Choreographer/dancer Paul Osborne 

Image credit: Le Vieux Loup Photography


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