Bat Lake in development; Sydney Experimental Arts Ensemble are developing their next full-length contemporary dance work, Bat Lake, directed by Eliza Cooper with an original composition by Mason Peronchik. The work is a dark comedy exposing the underground ecosystems of bats and other villainous animals and aims to bare these misunderstood creatures, bring their complex characters to life and reveal what lies beneath their mystique and drama. The ensemble are offering free contemporary open classes and a free informal showing of their work in development.

Artists: Eliza Cooper Mason Peronchik Emalyn Knight Allie Graham Strickland Young Maxine Carlisle and Mitchell Christie 

Image credit: Old Life, Dead Life 

Open Contemporary Dance Classes:

Classes are suitable for anyone interested in contemporary dance from any level of experience. Participants can leave early if needed. Late comers are welcome provided they undertake a personal warm up and join the class in a safe manner. 

Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable attire. I recommend a T-shirt and lounge pants (covered back/ shoulders and covered legs) for floor work and socks (optional). 

Please contact Anthea anthea@marchdance.co with any access needs prior to dance classes.


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