Album Launch: We Make Each Other Up 

26 March |  VERGE GALLERY 

Sydney record label, World’s Only celebrates the release of Megan Alice Clune's composition for 'We Make Each Other Up', the recently premiered work of choreographer Rhiannon Newton. Envisioning a world that is deeply and sensitively networked, We Make Each Other Up conjures a "vespertine biosphere" where care, multi-species cooperation and alternative speeds for living saturate the fibres of being. This one-off event at Verge Gallery features Clune's "earthy and enveloping"  score, performed live alongside uniquely vegetal collaborators and video from the original performance. 

We Make Each Other Up is a Dancehouse Housemate Production, originally developed and presented in 2018 at Dancehouse, Melbourne

Artists: Megan Alice Clune and Rhiannon Newton

Image credit: Rhiannon Newton and David Huggins ‘We Make Each Other Up’ photo by Gregory Lorenzutti

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