16 - 17 March 2022




Holly Craig will engage in the creative development of their work ‘Rootless’.


Holly Craig will engage in the creative development of their work ‘Rootless’. Holly will explore what being at home means to them, create textural translations of choreographed movements, and explore how they may be presented in a live performance wherein physical movements remain unseen.

Dance artist and maker: Holly Craig
Creative Collaborator: Imogen Yang

Photo Credit: Hayley Rose Photography

Holly Craig is a Queer Blind dance artist and performance maker. Exploring belonging, connection, identity and place, Holly works collaboratively, opening and holding space for a collective experience of dance and storytelling not centred upon visual sight. Most recently, Holly has been collaboratively developing systems of coded non-verbal sounds for non-sighted improvisation communication and navigation of space (March Dance Residency, 2021), digital dance works which explore a dance performance through listening, embodiment, visualisation and conversation (‘Mystery Call’: Live Dreams Moshi Moshi?!; Liveworks 2021), and a sensory choreographic score ‘Imprints On The Unseeable Space’ (West Space Gallery 2021).

Festival Manager
Lauren Vassallo 

  1 March | 31 March 2022

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