We invite you to the launch of March Dance 2021.

Shining the spotlight on independent dance in Sydney

March Dance is back for its third consecutive year annual month-long contemporary dance festival, created to support independent artists in Sydney.

Please join us in celebrating the 107 artists, 31 performances, eight workshops, 20 residences, across ten venues, culminating in 95 events over 31 days!

There will be a performance by Jye Uren and Amy Flannery, who will be sharing a section of Emily Flannery's work in development 'Bulnuruwanha' (Take Flight in Wiradjuri Language). Inspired by the Kookaburra (Gugubarra), the excerpt will share the Wiradjuri's stories and how they got their laugh. It relates to transgenerational cycles, patterns and burdens faced by First Nations people in modern society. With music composed by Amy Flannery and Yidaki collaborator Thomas J Kelly.

March Dance is an initiative of Critical Path, DirtyFeet and ReadyMade Works (Independent Dance Alliance) who have joined forces to deliver this exciting new festival.

Full program details

Enquires: Lauren Vassallo

This event is supported by The City of Sydney. Drinks supported by Young Henrys.

COVID 19 Safety:

The City of Sydney has provided a venue-specific QR code for use by anyone over 18 attending the venue.  The QR code is located near the entry of Harold Park Community Hall.

Please stay home if you are unwell, have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or any other flu-like symptoms and to receive a COVID-19 test, following the self-isolation rules as outlined by the NSW Government here

We encourage all attendees to follow the latest COVID-19 news and updates; please refer to

the NSW Government website:

Image credit: 2 Soul Physic by Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal (Choreographic research for Smoke by Kirk Page and Jade Dewi)


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