30 March |  LEGS ON THE WALL

EDGE will see Legs and Inner West Council working collaboratively with the creative sector to develop initiatives, curate programs and produce lasting benefits for the inner west through a weekend end of Activity like performances installation sand workshops on the Green Way (Just outside of Legs)

Legs On The Wall is presenting new work “Water’s Edge” as part of the Inner West City Council’s “Edge” program viewable from the pedestrian bridge at the end of Lilyfield Road over the entrance to the Hawthorne Canal just off the Parramatta river.

Synopsis: The Water’s Edge

Two neighbours exchange lofty views from the tops of their towers. 

Below, local residents – both animal and human – struggle to stay afloat amongst the confines of consumerism.

When our decisions turn into debris, then decay, then destruction, how long can we turn a blind eye? Seas are rising and the ecosystem is under strain, it’s going to take more than a retaining wall to build a sustainable future. What happens when the natural environment starts to violently shift, realising we are not above or separate to the world around us.

Legs On The Wall presents Waters Edge, a Journey of powerful imagery set above water. Exploring the fragile balance between the natural and the man-made, reflecting on how we are both distanced from and trapped in a steady disrespect for our surroundings. 

 Waters Edge empowers us to do better. 


Co-Directors: Joshua Thomson, David Jackson

Performers: Georgia Van Gils, Sam Plummer

Lighting: Benjamin Brockman

Rigging: Garnett Brownbill


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Lauren Vassallo

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