IMPRO-EXCHANGE 2021 Improvised Performance


IMPRO-EXCHANGE 2021 - audiences are invited to a one-hour performance improvisation. The performance will culminate an intensive 3-day research laboratory led by Tess de Quincey which explores improvisation from the perspective of a collective rather than individual focus. The work will forward a group sensibility but also fierce independence from artists of different backgrounds, ages and traditions. The aim is to generate a forum for dialogue, exchange and discussion around strategies, processes and potential of improvisation across disciplines between artists and audiences.

Artists: Angela Bowles, Phaedra Brown, Maya Gavish, Glenda Goldberg, Karleng Kim, Linda Luke, Bronwen Morgan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Brianna Shahin, Gretel Taylor, Alvin Toh and Ashleigh Veitch

Image credit: Vsevolod Vlaskine 


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