30-31 March |  LEGS ON THE WALL

Combining techniques of tumbling, dance, martial arts and physical theatre, this workshop aims to give intermediate to advanced level acrobats new techniques for generating new material and developing original skills.

The first day of the workshop will focus on skills acquisition. Working through a large number of acrobatic and dance moves to increase repertoire and understand unusual skills. The skills will range from very basic rolls and slides to more advanced dynamic and technical moves. Beginning with a comprehensive warm up that will help acrobats warm up mentally as well as physically for creative tasks.

The second day of the workshop will focus on physical creative tasks

- Generating original sequences of movement to be used in performance
- Techniques for generating large amounts of content with limited time
- Creating and utilising original skills

For any tumblers, dancers or movers who want to increase their repertoire of skills and the speed at which they generate material, this workshop will give you the creative boost you need.


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