In Response: Dialogues with RealTime is an exhibition in the UNSW Library Gallery marking the closure of RealTime art magazine and the launch of its archive. The exhibition features the oeuvres of Martin del Amo, Branch Nebula (Lee Wilson and Mirabelle Wouters) and Vicki Van Hout, Sydney-based artists working across performance, choreography, site-specific work, video art, visual arts and writing. 

The first event associated with In Response: Dialogues with RealTime is a presentation by Martin del Amo on Thursday, February 28, 6.30pm. Martin will take his audience on a guided tour through his body of work. Drawing on RealTime reviews and performance photographs by Heidrun Löhr, he will share insights into the making and reception of his significant contribution to the Sydney dance and performance scene, spanning over 20 years. Delivered with Martin’s trademark wit, this lecture performance will also interweave excerpts from his acclaimed dance pieces. 

Branch Nebula 20 March, 6.30pm Branch Nebula makes an in-library appearance, as living archives. They will be available for you to interrogate amongst two decades of accumulated artefacts. How did they survive this long and where will they go next? What possessed them to dedicate so many hours to constructing experiences for audiences? Why did they presume to wedge their way into the cultural discourse of our time?

Vicki Van Hout 10 April, 6.30pm Vicki will invite visitors to participate in actions with her installation to understand the durational nature of Vicki's sculptural practice as a preparation of the performance space. This tradition is consistent in indigenous dance as Vicki has experienced it across Australia, and is part of a more encompassing understanding of performance practice. 

Image Credit: Vicki Van Hout working on the installation for Briwyant, photo courtesy the artist.


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