Constant Relay is a platform for artists to work in the studio and share their practice with other artists, on their own terms. For four days, over March Dance, artists will be offered three-hour blocks of studio time with an extra 30 min of time to cross-over with the next person in the space. This cross-over is an informal opportunity to connect with other practitioners, it could take the form of sharing something you were working on, or having a cup of tea on the balcony and a chat. Artists are encouraged to use it as an opportunity to be responsive to what has just happened and what feels useful to them. Artists are encouraged to apply for two sessions over the four-days.

Each day will be divided into three different studio sessions. The last session of each day will go to an artist who is able to commit to another day and therefore still have the opportunity for exchange.

Artists: Martin del Amo, Jia-wei Zhu, Zachary Lopez, Coti Cibils, Holly Craig and Jay Bailey

Constant Relay is not open to public audiences, however artists are welcome to invite peers to their lo-fi sharing.

Image Credit: Hayley Rose Photography, DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab, Dancer Elle Evangelista


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